We work with the best and our production testing solutions are used by world leading manufacturers of smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, vehicle infotainment systems and industrial smart machinery. We combine software, robotics and camera technologies with high-performance production test data collection, analysis and also reporting. Our customers have reported significant improvements with the efficiency and reliability of calibration, testing, and production test data analysis resulting in better quality products and improved user experience for the users.

Production Testing

OptoFidelity solutions for production testing and quality assurance include:

  • Comprehensive test & measurement systems
  • Data collection, analysis and reporting tools
  • Test robotics
  • Display- and active stylus force calibration and testing
  • Sensors calibration and testing
  • Display quality inspection with MURA analysis


We combine software, robotics and also camera technologies with high-performance data collection and analysis tools.

Production Testing in Industry 4.0 Environment

Production digitization and resulted demand for automation, robotics, sensor and big production test data collection for Industry 4.0 smart factories drives the need for sophisticated test systems that can both:

  • ensure proper calibration, testing and quality assurance
  • collect and analyze and the big production test data

We work in the frontier in building the Industry 4.0 smart factories. Our current standard solutions for volume production include:

  • state-of-the-art test & measurement platforms for big production test data collection analysis and reporting
  • force calibration and testing
  • test robotics
  • display quality inspection

We can also build fully customized test systems for production testing.


We are the best in challenging test & measurement applications for production.


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Display Quality Inspection

Force Calibration & Testing

Test Robotics

Test & Measurement Software

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