In-circuit (ICT) & Functional Test (FCT) fixtures

As todays manufacturing processes have improved and PCB circuitry has moved from discrete components to highly integrated programmable components, the test requirements complexity has also grown rapidly. Therefore, thorough understanding of the DUT performance and circuit design, high speed instrumentation, highly-reliable and precision machined pogo pins & connectors are crucial to meet the test case demands.

With Optofidelity high performance ICT/FCT solutions, customers can get their products and components tested fully according to their needs ensuring flawless product quality and manufacturing processes.

Examples of our ICT/FCT test coverage:

  • Resistance
  • Diode
  • Regulator tube
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Field effect tube
  • Short / open circuit
  • Switch
  • MIC
  • Capacitance / inductance
  • I2C / SPI / UART communication

Our machining precision capability:


  • Min. pitch between drill holes 0,35 mm
  • Min. drill hole diameter 0,15 mm with <0,02 mm position accuracy
  • Min. pogo pin barrel diameter 0,26 mm and test end diameter 0,15 mm
  • Component Life Time 50 000 cycles
  • Typical Resistance < 50 mΩ

Our mobile device component and module level ICT/FCT delivery examples:

PCBA RF | Mic Flex | Speaker| Charging Module | Vibrator Noise | Proximity sensor| Button Ringer | C1 Flex |4 up turntable | Cyclone CCD| Display and button module| Housing button module|Housing speaker module | M3 Burn | Pressure sensor | Compass sensor


Acoustic testing fixtures

By combining our best acoustics, signal processing and software design technologies we provide the most feasible acoustic testing solutions to measure and test component/module/end-product audio performance.

Example of our test coverage:

  • Frequency 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (2nd – 15th)
  • Rub & Buzz
  • 1K Sensitivity
  • Impedance Test


OptoFidelity acoustic testing use cases:

Loudspeakers & Microspeakers | Smart Speakers | Headphones & Headsets | Smartphones & Tablets | Microphones | Wireless Devices | Telephones | Hearing Aids | Automotive Audio | Audio Electronics