Device Test Application

One of the main benefits in our test solutions and device test application is that they introduce a non-intrusive testing method – to put it another way no matter what the device or operating system is we can test it. There are no limitations towards operating systems, further there is no need to build any test applications that would be downloaded into the device-under-test unless specifically needed.

In such cases we have experience on all main operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows.

And it’s not just the application. We have equipped our test solutions with comprehensive test and measurement software with data collection and reporting tools. The basis in all our solutions is the OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite which we built to ease the testing of smart devices.

Some examples of the customized test applications we have built include:

  • Touch test app for iOS and Android
  • Camera selftest app for Android
  • Chrome performance automation app for Android


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