Force Calibration and Testing

An ultimate user experience for force touch with even the most challenging applications calls for highly accurate force sensing capability. Therefore if you want to achieve the needed accuracy and consistency you need a calibration and testing method. OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger is suitable for force calibration and testing as well as quality assurance of both active stylus and display force. Our customers benefit also from being able to use the same technologies from R&D- to production testing.

  • Force sensor calibration, ie. applying specified force to certain points of the display for device-under-test force sensor calibration
  • Force detection accuracy, ie. the accuracy of detected force in the touch panel compared to the applied force

Force calibration and testing solutions

OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger

OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger is an ideal solution for force calibrating testing and testing force touch for both displays and active styluses. It provides combined control for all axis and force which reduces the complexity of the system. You can also equip he OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger set-up  with high-end camera system and display quality inspection tool to perform a total quality check in a single, efficient test point. SW controllable operation for multi-level force calibration needs is combined with OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite for accurate, fast and easy-to-use reconfiguration for different products.


The sensor-based solution is equipped with rounded tooltips and enables accurate force application from different angles.

From R&D to Production

OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger is an ideal solution for force calibration  and testing throughout product lifecycle – spesifically from R&D to volume production. The production environment especially benefits from speed-optimized force settling time and the possibility to integrate a dual DUT (device-under-test) feeder to minimize tester idle-time. Furthermore space saving design minimizes the needed factory floor-space.

Force calibration and testing

OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger Benefits

Accurate force application from different angles | Same technology can be used from R&D to volume production | Reduced system complexity due to combined control of all axis and force | Possibility to integrate display quality inspection | SW controllable operations | Fast and easy reconfiguration for different products

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