New level of speed and accuracy for robot assisted measurement and testing

Especially in high volume production, the speed is the number one feature in testing.  With OptoFidelity™ GoldenMov Robotics Platform we can provide our customers an ideal, generic, platform for measurement needs that require the highest speed and accuracy.

Thanks to OptoDrive motion controller and OptoFidelity Touch and Test Software, the construction is modular, scalable and easy to customize for a special customer measurement needs. OptoFidelity™ GoldenMov combines axis synchronization, motor control, motor driving amplifiers and encoder feedback under OptoDrive Motor driving hardware. This new platform construction enables motor controllers to synchronize without external control systems.

Robotics Platform with Modular Mechanical Construction

Several robot types and scalability from single to multi DUT interfaces
Several applications
Integration as a robotics module to existing test systems and cabinets
Optical DUT alignment & positioning by SW
SW compensation & In-line calibration
Very accurate position based triggering
Speed & Motion Control

Genuine Multitasking Solution with Wide Range of Applications

Touch panel calibration (stylus, finger, force) | Touch panel testing (stylus, finger, force) | Scanning | UI performance testing (stylus, finger, force) | Optical measurements (display, light intensity, placement, power of light source) | Laser based measurements (surface, vibration) | Tactile switch QC (force, UX, reliability) | Final testing (DUT sensors) | Tactile QC measurements with probe (physical dimensions) | Proto production (pick & place, drilling, light milling, flying probe testing, 3D printing, etc.) | Typical system delivery example

Hardware-optimized Robotics Control with OptoMotion

With OptoFidelity OptoMotion robotics control the system architecture is streamlined and cost saving:

  • Centralized configuration and system-specific
    implementation (in PC)
  • Application specific software features in a single place
    vs. distributed
  • No need to keep Application Software and Controller
    Firmware separately in sync
  • Smarter OptoDrives for same price point as typical
    drive electronics for test robotics
  • Separate real-time controller not needed
  • Sensorless homing and SW limit switches
  • Lowest cost solution for linear motor applications on
    the market

OptoFidelity™ GoldenMov Robotics Platform Benefits:

Optimized UPH and floor space| Maintenance free | Linear motor construction for longer lifetime | Modular mechanical design fore effiecient manufacturing, customizing, maintenance and re-use | 5 times faster test cycle with no compromise with accuracy compared to ballscrew robot  | 2 times longer maintenance interval compared to ballscrew robots | Steady movements due to smart drives | High absolute accuracy   | Optimal UPH and floor space | Re-usable design with readiness for retrofitting |