Video QoS in telecom network

Video is creating 50% of the traffic* to your cellular network – are you sure, that the capacity preserved for this is keeping your customers happy?

MWC 2018 | Barcelona Feb 26 - Mar 1

Video Multimeter Drivetest demo available @MWC Barcelona Hall 5 Booth D40

OptoFidelity Video Multimeter Drivetest introduces a novel, end-to-end, non-intrusive test method for testing the Quality of Services in video services on the field. The Drivetest solution is based on OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter.


  • Measurement for streaming video and video call quality
  • Service, handset, form factor, data format agnostic
  • Only 15 minutes setup time for drivetest
  • Combines GPS coordinates, timestamps and extensive temporal video quality parameters

OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter Drivetest

OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter Drivetest is a professional, end-to-end, non-intrusivue measurement solution.  It is designed for objective data collection of video performance data from cellular networks. The solution is based on the Video Multimeter test instrument, combined with MariaDB data logging, GPS location tracking and a handy, simple field case. The test setup supports simultaneous data collection of two handsets. The setup is agnostic to brand or platform: you can test or benchmark any device, sim card or service

OptoFidelity Video Multimeter Drivetest consists of the following measurable items:

  • Conversational video analysis and streaming video QoS analysis
  • Video playback speed
  • Variation in video playback speed
  • Skipped frames during playback
  • Pausing of twitching during playback
  • Quality artifacts in video image
  • A/V synchronization (lip sync)
  • MOS score

The system includes GPS data collection and comparative measurements with two individual mobile devices simultaneously. With this set-up, you will get benchmark data of two competing setups. Telecom operators, APPS, phones… anything goes.

The setup consists of:

  • casing with external connectors
  • USB connection for database communication
  • if necessary, the USB can also be used for DUT charging
  • Note: DUT does not need to be connected via USB to the test solution. Measurement is performed optically from the DUT screen
  • Two OptoFidelity Video Multimeter test instruments with embedded SW
  • DUT holders for installing
  • Software for test setup and management
  • MariaDB instance for data collection

More information about using OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter Drivetest and some thoughts related to this topic can be found from our blog posts

OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter Use Cases

GPS coordinate synced data points: Sim card comparisons (competitor benchmarks) | Phone benchmarks | Conversational APP benchmarks | Streaming APP benchmarks | Network performance analysis | More details about test features can be found on Video Playback Performance Testing – page.


*several sources, reported by Wired, MCKinsey and Statista.

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