Test Robotics

We have extensive expertise in delivering solutions equipped with various different types of robotics:

  • Desktop robots (cartesian)
  • Scara robots
  • Delta robots
  • Articulated arm robots
  • Gantries

Our scalable robot platforms cover all needs from R&D- to production testing.


We have delivered 5000+ robot assisted test systems.

Finger Actuators

Our robots can be equipped with various types of actuators from 1-finger to multi-finger. The fingertips are easy to change, and we have ready-made fingertip sets from 1-12mm available. We can also equip our robots with automatic connector insertion, side-button activation and automatic fingertip changers.

OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite

OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite forms the foundation in all our deliveries – it is a comprehensive test software platform that consists of ready-made configuration and control options for various robots, actuators, measurement instruments, cameras and sensors. It can be easily integrated with our customers’ existing systems via an API.

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Test & Measurement Software

Touch Performance Testing