Touch Performance Testing

Testing and measuring touch performance is essential to guarantee functionality and quality for touch-enabled smart devices. Touch performance consists of the following measurable items:

  • Tap accuracy, ie. the accuracy of the tap position in the touch panel compared to the programmed position of the tap
  • Tap latency, ie. the level of delay in reproducing the intended functionality when tapping.
  • Jitter, ie. variation in detected touch screen coordinates while finger is motionless or drawing a straight line
  • Swipe accuracy, ie. how accurate the touch panel coordinates are compared to the actual, programmed position of the swipe
  • Reporting rate, ie. the frequency of reporting in the touch panel

OptoFidelity Touch Performance System

OptoFidelity Touch Performance Test System is an automated test system for testing chipsets, touch panels, final products and systems. It includes a convenient and accurate, camera-based positioning feature to define the location of the device-under-test (DUT) which enables setting up of test with a new DUTs in less time, less errors and with more accuracy. Touch performance measurement is carried out for chipsets, touch panels and final products.

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Benefits of OptoFidelity Touch Performance Testing

Comprehensive test coverage for touch testing | Comparable results from chipset level to final product level | Flexible and efficient test & measurement software | Improved quality of test results | Accelerated testing via 24/7 test automation

Some examples of different actuators and system setups

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Test Reports