Video Playback Performance

We all know it – it’s not fun to watch videos when they don’t play well. The quality of video playback is an essential factor in overall user experience of smart devices due to majority of people are using mobile phones for watching videos. Video playback performance consists of the following measurable items:

  • Video playback speed
  • Variation in video playback speed
  • Skipped frames during playback
  • Pausing of twitching during playback
  • Quality artifacts in video image
  • A/V synchronization (lip sync)

OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter

OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter is a professional, end-to-end, non-intrusivue measurement solution for the true and objective video playback performance. You can measure playback of a mobile device, tablet or any multimedia device. It is a especially relevant tool for R&D design verification, test laboratory use and field applications. It creates reliable and repeatable results quickly when measuring video playback performance with a standard USB connection. You can transfer all the data into your own test software and design database for complete analysis. Furthermore you can save the measurement results and download those to your computer. You can automate measurements with an API option to be a part of a continuous integration. Also you can even measure dual displays, end-to-end video calls and captured video performance.

In addition OptoFidelity Video Multimeter provides results on MOS (Mean Opinion Score)  –  a clear, general numerical and easily comparable indication of the perceived quality from the user’s perspective.



OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter Use Cases

Frame rate & measurement with MOS (Mean Opinion Score) | Camera viewfinder latency | Material encoding / decoding | Video streaming performance | End-to-end video/voice call performance|Lip sync | Captured video performance |Multimedia streaming | 3D gaming rendering | Display tearing | Display mirroring |  Virtual Reality performance

OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter Benefits

Battery operation | True measurements (Jerkiness, Jitter, Dropped frames, Audio/video (A/V) synchronization) directly from display: objective test results as the end-user would experience the video |MOS (mean opinion score) result metrics | Standardized measurement setup: repeatable and reliable test results |Support for all typical display technologies: it is a good tool for comparing different devices and technologies |Works independently of backlight brightness settings |Customized integration to customer’s system | Measurements can also be automated with an API option | OptoFidelity Test Video Generator

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