OptoFidelity receives the Internationalization Awards of the President of the Republic

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The Internationalization Awards of the President of the Republic for OptoFidelity

The past year has been an amazing ride for OptoFidelity and today as one of the biggest milestones OptoFidelity received the Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic of Finland.  For us the award is a greatly respected and welcomed acknowledgment of hard work, continuous product development and “go boldly where no one has gone before” attitude.

The ten years journey from the beginning has called for bold decisions, perseverance and courage to rewrite plans and strategies on the fly when the market changes. As CEO Pertti Aimonen describes, the success in this line of business is not achieved overnight. You need to believe in your product and update your skills and competence in response to changing needs. It doesn’t do harm to love technology and have a lot of Finnish guts as well.

The preparatory work and the choosing of the candidates for the Awards has been done by Team Finland. Lately there has been a lot of critical talk about tabout Team Finland members. According to Pertti Aimonen it’s always easy to criticize, but instead of complaining we should focus on improving the system.

Over the years of internationalization OptoFidelity has gotten a lot of practical help from Team Finland members Finpro and Tekes in Finland and abroad. OptoFidelity has also benefit a lot from cooperation with other Nordic countries at Nordic Innovation house located in Palo Alto, California. So my message for companies, funding agencies or other business enabling entities battling the challenges in export is: Together we can do so much more!, aligns Pertti Aimonen.

This award is an inspiration for our continuous development. A rolling stone gathers no moss and we have already turned our gaze outwards. Virtual reality, Industry 4.0 and digitisation of production testing with data mining are some of the missions we are currently accomplishing. We promise to continue our work of becoming world’s leading company in the area of testing technology and therefore ensuring jobs and growth in Finland.


Photo: Laura Kotila, Prime Minister’s Office

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