Measuring Touch Systems

Touch Screen, Stylus, Gesture, Buttons, and UI

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OptoFidelity's products offer a human-like test environment for user interactions-testing means that all human gestures starting from a simple touch and all the way to voice commands are reproduced artificially.

OptoFidelity TOUCH 2


A non-intrusive measurement system for touch UI testing in R&D and manufacturing.

Stimulus: TOUCH performs the gesture on the DUT’s touch screen by its mechanical finger

Response: TOUCH reads the touch events from DUT’s touch controller

Measurement: By comparing the stimulus and response, TOUCH measures spatial, and temporal performances and conducts a functional testing

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An accurate robotic platform which fulfills the precision requirements for stylus testing.

STYLUS offers a full control over the stylus' tilt and azimuth angles as well as force applied to the DUT (device under test).

STYLUS touch gestures include tap,
drag, swipe and circle with user-controlled tiltangle, azimuth angle and contact force.

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Blog posts

Below you will find our experts' insights on touch display testing, and measurement results of popular smart devices.


Here, you will find various touch panels, display modules, smart phones, tablets, laptops and automotive infotainment testing videos.

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