Two Pro’s in a Battle – Which Tablet Wins in Video Performance?

Once again it’s time for the annual test report of OptoFidelity. This time we measured mobile video streaming and local video playback on two Pro’s: Apple® iPad Pro™ (128 GB, Wi-Fi) and Microsoft® Surface™ Pro 4 (i5 CPU version). The video performance was measured on tablets by using the OptoFidelity Video Multimeter measurement device.

What Did We Find?

Although performance depends on the quality of the service and internet connection, the device plays a big role in the final user experience. In addition to jerkiness and dropped frames, one other key feature of the user experience is ‘lip sync’ – the synchronized timing of audio and video.

The overall video playback quality of the both devices was close to excellent. However, the audio/video synchronization could be better in both devices. In case the audio playback is ahead of the video playback, it can easily be perceived by the viewer and most people find this annoying. With OptoFidelity’s unique test system we could measure the end-to-end user-perceived quality of video performance.

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