UI Latency and response measurements of three popular tablets

Tags: Smartphone, Tablet

In this case study and comparison report our curious engineers examined three popular tablet devices. The case study consisted of different UI reaction and response test cases. The devices tested were the Kindle Fire HDX (Amazon’s e-book reader), the iPad Mini Retina and the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

“All devices operate smoothly, but the Kindle snatches first place”

In general, all the devices had very good and steady latency and response times, but the Kindle was the best performer in most of the test cases. The Dell and iPad Mini were more or less equal. The most significant difference between devices was the boot up time, with the boot up time of Dell being more than twice as fast as that of the Kindle or iPad.

The latency and response times of the devices were measured with OptoFidelity WatchDog and Music scroll performance was measured using the OptoFidelity VideoMultimeter measurement device. 

Read the entire report and learn, how UI latency and response can affect to the end-user experience.

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