Android phone functional testing – Google Test Automation Conference 2015

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Hans Kuosmanen, Test Solutions Vice President, and Natalia Leinonen, Software Engineer from OptoFidelity joined Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) in Boston, on November 10-11, 2015.  Our presentation was about Android phone functional testing, with the help of test robots. Hans and Natalia were invited speakers in the conference. The slides and video recording of their presentation are now available at GTAC pages.

OptoFidelity has been co-operating with Google for several years in the field of testing. OptoFidelity´s core competence is in non-intrusive testing solutions for smart devices. Our testing capabilities include video testing, functional and performance testing of smart devices, sensor performance testing, and optical waveguide testing for AR/VR devices.

Google published as well a YouTube video about Google & OptoFidelity co-operation in the testing of smartphones. The video, published by Google, gives an idea about our competence and our focus area.

More information about GTAC conference can be found from the conference web page

Android phone functional testing

OptoFidelity presented Android phone functional testing with robots in the GTAC conference.





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