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1 min read
OptoFidelity's AR/VR/MR HMD test systems showcased @ 2021 Display Week

2021 Display Week, the fully virtual event organized by Society For Information Display is just...

1 min read
New office location in Silicon Valley
In January 2021 OptoFidelity's office in Cupertino, California, USA moved to a new location.


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11 min read
Imaging Augmented Reality Displays

OptoFidelity testing approach OptoFidelity through its history has been mimicking human perception...

8 min read
How to evaluate the performance and functionality of touch screens?

Touch screens

Touch screens are devices that recognize the presence of contacts and generate...

1 min read
OptoFidelity, your best friend in testing!
What did golden retriever François do to get more together time with his hooman? Watch the video...


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