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WE offer the coolest robots & greatest parking spaces in town.

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Looking for an interesting, international and challenging job in a house playing with all the leading mobile device companies in the world, such as Google? Do you love technology? We are looking for pros who do. Because WE love technology. Read here how we roll, or see all open positions right away >

Optofidelity is a technology chameleon. We are a software house but not in a traditional sense. We do coding and robots, and beyond, like high level measurement technologies, machine vision and imaging. That’s what makes us unique.

We are boldly going where no one has gone before. For you it means a chance to experiment freely with design and measurements and access to play with the latest gadgets. We offer challenging and wide range projects demanding engineering expertise from software coding to signal processing.

We offer a truly international atmosphere and customers, a chance to travel to new places and face new situations. We work with the big ones but are still a moderate size and flexible as a company. This allows everybody to give their impact to our ways of doing things.

We often ask, what would McGyver do. It means pushing ourselves fixing problems that have no final solutions and integrating things in new ways to create superior equipment. And our team members are always support each other to exit the comfort zone

And that’s how we optomise people to perform at their best level. Apply now and join our innovative, international and relaxed atmosphere.

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