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At OptoFidelity you will work among innovative and passionate people who value teamwork and stimulating environment. We are committed and dedicated to our customers and company, which makes us go the extra mile or two (or ten) – every day. Have a look at our company values – we’re driven by them.


We are the best at what we do because we simply LOVE technology, equipment and gadgets. We are true tech geeks and proud of it. It means that we follow new innovations and overall technology development on a very broad scale, and constantly improve our competence and understanding on them both independently and together with colleagues.

So don’t hesitate to get the latest gadgets for using, testing and/or dismantling (you can decide in which order). Explore and familiarize. Share your findings with your colleagues and the world.

And remember: Don’t forget to play with the gadgets and robots. Just for the fun of it. Ask a friend to join you because, at the end of the day, who wouldn’t love to play with robots?


Dare to dream big, that’s what we’ve been doing so far. We would not be the trusted partner of our customers today if we were not infused with courage and pioneering spirit. Nobody asked us to go to the USA or China. We decided to go there.

We want to be blazing the trail, not just following it. That’s why we don’t focus on finding reasons why things don’t work. We focus on boldly experimenting and doing things that have not been done before. Our strategy is called ”doing things”, and it’s kind of fun doing the impossible!

You need to accept that when experimenting with new things, mistakes will inevitably happen. So don’t be afraid of them! Embrace the mistakes, as we feel that if we don’t make them, we have failed to experiment enough. When you make a mistake, learn from it and share your lessons learnt with others.

We want to grow and expand, but do not want to turn into a corporation. For us, growth means new customers, partners, colleagues, offices and working methods. Welcome change with curiosity and positive attitude!


We measure success by how thoroughly and efficiently we can solve our customer’s problems. We believe that everything can be done better, more efficiently or smarter. Also the small things.

Trust always builds trust. Trust your colleagues, partners and our customers. Build trust with everything you do and make sure you are worth the trust of others. Trust is our growth catalyst. MacGyver never ran away from a live explosive without defusing it, and we’re not going to be any different. Do not leave issues unresolved, or only plan on doing something about them later. Talk is cheap, and needs to be backed up by actions.
Walk the talk, since we are only measured by the concrete results.

We are constantly improving OptoFidelity to be a better place to work, better company and better partner. Do not hesitate to bring up potential problems and issues, but do always remember to offer your insight on how to fix them.


We are successful because we work as a team. This will never change. Together we are strong and when we surround ourselves with awesome colleagues and team spirit, we will with no doubt be successful in the future also.

So communicate actively and share information as well as your expertise with your colleagues. The better we learn from and know each other, the better we work together. The smartest solutions are always results of great team work. Ask for help and feedback whenever you need it. Do it sooner rather than later. Help your colleagues whenever you feel they might need help; don’t wait for them to ask for it. Remember to give feedback to your colleagues often, both praise and improvement suggestions.

The best thing you can do at OptoFidelity is to help somebody else Get Optomized and succeed.


OptoFidelity was born from the founders’ desire to do things differently than in big corporations, and avoid useless meetings, organizational games, needless bureaucracy, silos and passing of the buck.

If you have all the information necessary for making a decision, DO IT. Without delay and without calling up unnecessary meetings. Don’t make the work harder for others by passing the responsibility inside the organization, or holding off decision making. It’s often better to apologize later than to spend time asking for a permission.

We work together to minimize the bureaucracy. We feel that processes must be serving the people, never the other way around. The mission for every OptoFidelity employee is to prevent organizational silos from forming.

We are one OptoFidelity.

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