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About OptoFidelity

We provide advanced test systems that empower our customers to bring new groundbreaking innovations faster to the market.

Our optical metrology products and solutions are renowned for their precision, repeatability, and traceability. They minimize the risks and offer our customers a clear view of their product development and production quality.

Our work is defining the standard for assessing the quality of AR/VR/MR waveguides and devices, setting a new benchmark for image excellence – paving the way for AR technologies to become a part of our everyday lives.


OptoFidelity in Numbers


years developing and delivering testing systems.


employees in Europe, the United States, and China.


delivered test systems.

OptoFidelity in Brief

For close to two decades, OptoFidelity has been at the forefront of innovation, testing the newest smart devices and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. While we continue our commitment to smart device display testing, optical metrology has become our primary focus. By maintaining both business lines, we are dedicated to enabling a smarter future.



Enabling a smarter future.


Empower customers to accelerate the 
breakthrough of new technologies into 
the market. 


We set the optical metrology standards for 
the digital world.


Accurate, repeatable, traceable, and scalable optical metrology testing.

Management Team

Lasse Lepistö

Lasse Lepistö

Chief Executive Officer

Veera Salpalahti

Veera Salpalahti

Chief People & Culture Officer

Juha-Matti Majuri

Juha-Matti Majuri

Chief Financial Officer

Pekka Laiho

Pekka Laiho

Chief Business Officer

Juha Pietarinen

Juha Pietarinen

Chief Product Officer

Hans Kuosmanen

Hans Kuosmanen

Chief Production Officer

Thomas Kerst

Thomas Kerst

Chief Metrology Officer

China Management

Alven Cheung

Alven Cheung

Chairman of the Board, President of OptoFidelity China

US Management

Jani Sarviluoma

Jani Sarviluoma

Vice President, US Operations

Pia Falck

Pia Falck

Director of Operations, US Operations





OptoFidelity was founded by three entrepreneurs Kimmo Jokinen (CTO), Tapio Koskinen (Sales & Marketing) and Pertti Aimonen (CEO). Picture: Mika Kanerva

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The release of our first product, EMC 100, signaled our entry into display testing solutions for mass manufacturing.



OptoFidelity introduced TPPT Touch, a smart smartphone display performance tester to the market. The next generations of Touch were introduced in 2008: Human Simulator Functionality Tester (HSUF) and 2009: Human Simulator UI Performance Tester (HSUP).



We introduced the WatchDog UI performance measurement to the market. OptoFidelity WatchDog is a measurement instrument for analyzing user interface latency and response times throughout the whole R&D phase.



The OptoFidelity QualityViewer for visual inspection got introduced to the market. OptoFidelity Quality Viewer is a modern and ergonomic system for visual inspection and digital documentation.


We introducesd STYLUS, a human-simulating system for touch display stylus testing. Read more about STYLUS on our website: OptoFidelity STYLUS

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We took a significant stride by forging key partnerships, including collaborations with China Mobile and PKC Electronics, to enhance smartphone testing capabilities.

We also introduced the VideoMultimeter, a measurement solution for the true and objective video playback performance of smart devices.



OptoFidelity persists in establishing crucial partnerships within the realm of display testing, securing collaborations with Microsoft, TopTester, and SoftwarePoint.



OptoFidelity embarked on its optical metrology journey with the introduction of the initial versions of BUDDY, a temporal performance tester designed for AR/VR HMDs. Learn more about BUDDY here

Further solidifying its global presence, OptoFidelity announced the opening of a new US office at the prestigious Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, marking a strategic advancement in expanding our international reach.



We proudly unveile OptoFidelity 4.0, accompanied by a strategic expansion into China and the establishment of offices in Redmond (Seattle), Cupertino (California) in USA, and Oulu in Finland.




OptoFidelity is honored with the Internationalization Award from the President of Finland. In a strategic move to expedite internationalization, the company secures significant growth funding. OptoFidelity has successfully negotiated a EUR 3.6 million funding deal, encompassing a growth financing package with Finnish Industry Investment (FII) and the VisionPlus Fund.



Changyuan Group Ltd (“Changyuan”) acquired OptoFidelity, bringing together a unique combination of test and measurement solutions and capabilities available to customers worldwide. 

Furthermore, we introduced FUSION, a streamlined test system designed for comprehensive functional testing of pre-owned smartphones. Learn more about FUSION here.

Additionally, OptoFidelity attained the highest creditworthiness rating of AAA.



We inaugurated a manufacturing and assembly facility in Shenzhen, China. This new venture encompassed not only a state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly facility but also a robust design and manufacturing team.



OptoFidelity received the prestigious "Photonics Company of the Year" award from Photonics Finland, the industry association in the optics and photonics field in Finland.

This recognition is especially notable as OptoFidelity was selected from a distinguished list of well-known and successful technology leaders in the photonics sector, including Modulight, Nomicam, Nanofoot, and Specim, all renowned for their exceptional photonics competence.



A new manufacturing center in Zhuhai, China was established. Zhuhai factory encompasses a spacious production floor spanning up to 3000 square meters and has the remarkable ability to be scaled up multifold.

Additionally, OptoFidelity inaugurates a new office in Espoo, Finland.



OptoFidelity unveils HMD-IQ, a comprehensive measurement station designed to characterize the Image Quality (IQ) across the entire field of view for both see-through and non-see-through head-mounted displays (HMD) in a single shot. Today, HMD-IQ has evolved to WG-IQ.




Two new significant optical metrology systems have been introduced to the market: WG-IQ, a fully automated waveguide image quality measurement system, and WG-GAT, a high-accuracy Diffractometer designed for Augmented Reality Waveguide Characterization.


Discover the details of our offices and manufacturing locations.

Tampere, Finland (HQ)

Visiokatu 3
33720 Tampere

Cupertino, USA

20863 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Suite 540
Cupertino, CA 95014, USA

Zhuhai, China

7F, Building 3, No. 5, Technology 8th Road, High-tech district, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Redmond, USA

8201 164th Ave NE
Suite 266
Redmond, WA 98052, USA

Espoo, Finland

Metallimiehenkuja 10
02150 Espoo

Oulu, Finland

Kirkkokatu 27 A 41
90100 Oulu


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Research Partners

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