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Are You Ready to Get Optomized™

At OptoFidelity, we work on unique projects with the most intelligent test robots. We get to work in a global playground with the world’s largest device manufacturers and innovators. OptoFidelity is a globally recognized leader in test automation and metrology solutions. We work with big clients and brands.

We are a moderate size and flexible as a company allowing our people to give their insights into our ways of working and make an impact in our company.

We are a technology chameleon

As a technology company, we do coding and robots and beyond, such as high-level measurement technologies, machine vision and imaging. That’s what makes us a unique and exciting workplace. We offer you the possibility to advance your career. You can work in a team and discover in a project that you want to learn more about something you didn’t know you would find exciting.

Our people get opportunities to develop themselves and thrive in other teams.



Our practical way of working and low company hierarchy ensures that everyone has a chance to develop themselves, experiment freely with design and measurements and access the latest technology gadgets.

We are tech-savvy and want to embrace our people’s knowledge by sharing ideas and trying new things.

Our culture embraces diversity and inclusion. With us, you can be your unique self. We value learning from each other and developing ourselves through exciting projects and meaningful work assignments. We highly invest in well-being by providing support for different mental and physical activities. We like to have fun and get to know each other by gathering in the office lounge, on company occasions and team events, and trying new sports or activities together.

We optomize™ people to succeed in (work) life.


Love technology and enjoy playing with it

Go boldly where no one has gone before

Optomize™ people around you

Get things done

Advance Your Career With Us

Get to Know Us

People Success Team

We are always happy to hear about student cooperation, events, and collaborations. Contact People Success Team and let us advance your career further with OptoFidelity!

Veera Headshot

Veera Salpalahti

Chief People & Culture Officer

Veera is the Chief of People Success team. She is passionate about individuals working together towards a mutual goal and enabling people to succeed in (work) life. She takes mental health seriously and wishes that everyone can talk freely depending on whatsoever the topic. Veera can be spotted quite often at Tampere’s office’s lounge enjoying her coffee black while chatting with people.

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Tanja Tuominen

People Success Specialist

Tanja is the one you’d be hearing the first when you’ll join our team. She takes care of the people at the office with passion and wants to make sure everything works inside teams. Tanja is the one you’ll approach when you crave bad jokes. She takes her coffee black with oat milk which needs to be extra stirred.


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