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Circular Economy

Pre-owned Smartphone Testing

We are driven by the desire to enable the circular economy. Our products bring trust and objectivity to the pre-owned smartphone market.   

Pioneering the Pre-Owned Smartphone Testing in a Booming Market

The pre-owned smartphone market surged to around 55 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 and is expected to grow significantly, reaching an estimated 172 billion U.S. dollars in the near future. 

OptoFidelity has been serving the reverse logistics industry segment since 2017, focusing on delivering complete functional testing solutions for pre-owned smartphones.  

Today, we work with an extensive client base, including a diverse range of telecom operators, third-party logistics companies, refurbishment and repair centers, online sellers and marketplaces, and insurance companies. With a combined customer and technology experience, OptoFidelity is uniquely positioned to meet the rising demands of a rapidly expanding market. 

OptoFidelity's Offerings in the Pre-Owned Smartphone Testing

Our offerings include two fully automated test systems with unique software features that can be integrated into your facilities.


OptoFidelity FUSION

Diagnostics and full functional testing of Smartphones


OptoFidelity SCORE

Cosmetic defect detection and grading of smartphones

Data analysis tools to improve your process and decision-making


Integration to complete automation of the testing process and material handling

OptoFidelity FUSION

Compact test system for functional testing of pre-owned smartphones. 


OptoFidelity SCORE

Compact test system for pre-owned smartphones cosmetic defect detection and grading 

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