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OptoFidelity BUDDY

Consistent tracking and latency performance testing for any AR/VR/MR glasses.

Performance Testing System for Smart Glasses

BUDDY is an end-to-end performance testing system for AR/VR/MR glasses tracking and latency. It enables the testing of components and assemblies that affect tracking and temporal characteristics.

BUDDY can be used in research and development to reduce development time, as well as on manufacturing lines for statistical quality control. It is also being used by network providers to study network performance effects on the content stream.


Three or Six Degrees of Freedom for Accurate Test Results

BUDDY is available in two different motion configurations with either 3 or 6 degrees of freedom in the robot cell.

The robot cell, integrated vision module, and virtual measurement content ensure the most accurate, relevant, and reliable test procedures for the headset's temporal performance.

The system uses non-intrusive measurements to compare how the virtual world's position changes with the position of the robot.


High Accuracy AR/VR HMD Tester

OptoFidelity’s proprietary vision module with a 100kHz backlight sensor ensures the accuracy of the timestamps of the virtual measurement content.

The virtual content and robot movements are designed for each test case to maximize the accuracy of the measurement.


Repeatable Tests for Reliable Results

BUDDY’s coordinate systems and analyses are designed to measure properties concerning human perception. Jitter and drift are filtered from motion-to-photon latency and vice versa.

These root-cause analyses bring stability and repeatability to the measurements even though AR/VR glasses are by nature relatively unstable, and many things are happening at once in the same data at the same time.

The accuracy of the vision module time stamping and robotics contribute to the high repeatability of the measured values.

See BUDDY in action

The video demonstrates OptoFidelity BUDDY in 6 degrees of freedom. BUDDY is a unique HMD measuring robot that can move in all 6-axes. 

This video shows OptoFidelity BUDDY in 3 degrees of freedom. BUDDY has the ability to turn its head in all three rotational axes: pitch, yaw, and roll.

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