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OptoFidelity SCOUT

Flexible image quality measurement for AR/XR glasses


Flexible image quality measurement

SCOUT is a versatile imaging and test station tailored for a wide range of AR/XR glasses designs and sub-assemblies.

It provides a comprehensive assessment of the realized image quality of devices under test (DUTs), measuring a range of factors such as eye box, field of view (FOV), binocular disparity, contrast ratios, color, uniformity, and geometric distortion.

The station utilizes OptoFidelity’s proprietary OptoColor instrument integrated with a 6-axis robotic arm alongside adaptive DUT holders. This ensures flexibility and precise characterization throughout various AR/XR device assembly and development stages.

Critical Factors Measured with SCOUT 

  • Eye-Box: The location, size, and shape of the area where the user can see the displayed content.

  • Field of View (FOV): The Angular extent of the visible virtual world. 

  • Binocular Disparity: Depth perception and stereoscopic effects. 

  • Checkerboard Contrast: Light/dark - contrast and its uniformity over the visible image area. 

  • Luminance Non-Uniformity: Changes in the relationship between measured average luminance to the measured maximum luminance value. 

  • Chromaticity measurement: Measures the color displayed by the DUT with high fidelity. 

  • Color Non-Uniformity: Maximum deviation in CIE 1976 UCS chromaticity coordinates between the sampling points. 

  • Geometric Distortion: Amount of radial distortion across the visible image area. 

  • Chromatic Aberration: Difference in display optics distortion performance between display color channels. 

  • Michelson Contrast: Display image sharpness. 

See SCOUT in action

This video is a short demonstration showing OptoFidelity's SCOUT in action.

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