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OptoFidelity WG-GAT

Waveguide Grating Analysis System

High-Accuracy Diffractometer for AR Waveguide Grating Characterization.

High-Accuracy Diffractometer 

WG-GAT is a Littrow diffractometer system offering a comprehensive assessment of waveguide grating quality.

Fully automated WG-GAT measures diffraction grating pitch and orientation and can find grating defects with picometer and arcsecond scale accuracy. WG-GAT measures any grating sample regardless of type or substrate and can assess grating uniformity over a large grating area, making it the preferred choice for AR waveguide testing.  Using WG-GAT to ensure master, stamp, or replica grating quality is essential for ensuring defect-free AR waveguide manufacturing and achieving high-quality AR image with diffractive waveguides. 


High Precision 

WG-GAT is a superior alternative to conventional microscopy techniques. It achieves up to 50 times higher accuracy, repeatability, and resolution, which is required to match the strict AR waveguide grating manufacturing tolerances. In addition, WG-GAT’s operator-independent performance and traceable accuracy further enhance its credibility and applicability in consistent, reliable, high-precision measurements of gratings.  


Full automation 

WG-GAT is an off-the-shelf, easy-to-use, fully automated system developed specifically for AR industry needs. It provides efficient grating inspection and cost-effective maintenance. 


Optimized & Reliable for Production 

WG-GAT supports optimizing production processes by assessing master grating quality, determining the need for stamp replacements, and verifying the overall quality of the replication processes. Consequently, it contributes to cost-effectiveness and efficiency enhancements within the waveguide development workflow, aligning well with the imperatives of the AR industry’s quality standards and production demands. 



Advanced Analysis 

WG-GAT can also be combined with WG-IQ, where you can link specific shortcomings in image quality in your waveguide back to the quality issues or defects in its grating structure. 

See WG-GAT in action

This video is a short demonstration of OptoFidelity WG-GAT in action.

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