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OptoFidelity WG-IQ

Waveguide Image Quality Test System

Automating waveguide image quality measurement.

Waveguide image quality measurement with WG-IQ

WG-IQ is an automated waveguide image quality test system for R&D environments.

It is designed to reliably measure the image quality of any AR waveguide, no matter the type or configuration, providing essential feedback on waveguide design and manufacturing. It is the go-to option for prototyping and small-volume production support, available off-the-shelf.


Precision & Repeatability

WG-IQ utilizes a perfected, unique optical replica of the human eye to analyze all the relevant waveguide image quality metrics. It uses an innovative approach to guarantee accurate and repeatable optical alignment, ensuring accurate measurement instrument positioning. This powerful tool is particularly valuable for R&D teams in iterating on waveguide designs and optimizing production processes. WG-IQ assists in identifying critical tests and metrics, ensuring that waveguide image quality color included is carefully analyzed for perfection.

Designed specifically for, and with the AR waveguide industry, WG-IQ offers powerful state-of-the-art measurement instruments, traceability and proven repeatability to fulfill the demanding industry needs.


Advanced Analysis

WG-IQ provides readily available test data and offers customized analysis capabilities based on customer-specific needs. It allows efficient synchronization of the measurement data with the customer's other systems.


WG-IQ is automated and capable of supporting diced samples and up to 300 mm wafers, easing the analysis process. It can cater to small-volume production needs while maintaining high precision.


Linking Image Quality to Grating Structure

WG-IQ can also be combined with WG-GAT, where you can link specific shortcomings in image quality in your diffractive waveguide back to the quality issues or defects in its grating structure.

See WG-IQ in action

This video is a short demonstration of OptoFidelity WG-IQ in action.

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