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OptoFidelity SCORE

Objective cosmetic defect detection and grading for pre-owned smartphones

OptoFidelity's Circular Economy Solutions

We are driven by the desire to enable the circular economy. Our products bring trust and objectivity to the pre-owned smartphone market.  

We offer two off-the-shelf functional and cosmetic grading testers. FUSION is an all-in-one functional tester designed to evaluate pre-owned smartphones’ performance comprehensively. SCORE is thoughtfully crafted to detect and grade cosmetic defects. With FUSION and SCORE, our customers can provide objective testing and grading, building consumer confidence and satisfaction. 


Compact test system for pre-owned smartphones cosmetic defect detection and grading

OptoFidelity SCORE is a fully automated test system for pre-owned smartphone cosmetic defect  detection and grading.  

With SCORE you can objectively verify the smartphone's condition that otherwise would require subjective human analysis. SCORE can be used manually, or as an integrated solution within a fully automated processing line with various types of DUT feeder robotics. 

SCORE Benefits

Easy to use and operate

No phone model-specific hardware costs 

Zero downtime between different phone models

Manual or automated feeding

Easy to set-up with only regular AC power and WiFi needed 

Comprehensive defect classification

Configurable grading criteria to meet customers needs

Works with all current smartphone models

Fully configurable grading criteria


SCORE Test Cases

Cosmetic defect detection and grading of smartphones

Analysis of all the segments

  • Display
  • Back cover
  • Sides, top, and bottom
  • Corners
  • Custom areas of interest (e. g. screws, camera lens, logo)
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Detectable Defects

OptoFidelity SCORE can detect a variety of different defects:

  • Front & Back: Scratches
  • Sides: Dents 


See SCORE in action

This video shows OptoFidelity SCORE in action. If you're interested to discuss about SCORE, its modularity and how it can be integrated with any test station follow the link below, send us a message and we'll take it from there!

SCORE Material

Download the material for SCORE here


SCORE brochure

SCORE brochure

SCORE Webinar

Webinar Recording