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OptoFidelity's optical metrology products deliver precise, repeatable, traceable and scalable. Find the best products for your needs. 

AR and VR Testing Products

Discover our portfolio of testing products that help you in the R&D and manufacturing of AR and VR devices.


OptoFidelity Buddy

Optimal solution for HMD performance measurements


OptoFidelity WG-IQ

Automated waveguide image quality measurements

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OptoFidelity WG-GAT

Cutting-edge AR Waveguide characterisation

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OptoFidelity Scout

Versatile image quality tester for AR/VR HMDs. 

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Foundations of AR/VR Optical Metrology

Curious to go deeper into the world of AR and VR optical measurements? Visit our AR/VR testing page for more information. 

Pre-Owned Smartphones Testing

Evaluate the condition of pre-owned smartphones and promote the practices of circular economy.


OptoFidelity Fusion

Compact test system for all-in-one functional testing

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OptoFidelity Score

Compact test system for  cosmetic defect detection and grading of pre-owned smartphones

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Human-Machine Interface Testing

Build better interfaces with the help of our HMI testers.


OptoFidelity Touch

Fast and accurate touch performance testing for displays, display components and assemblies

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OptoFidelity Stylus

Stylus touch performance testing featuring tilt, azimuth and force feedback

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Tailored Solutions

We also build custom solutions for various testing needs. Contact us to learn more about optical metrology solutions built to your specific needs.

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