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OptoFidelity Production IQ

Automated waveguide image quality measurement for AR waveguide manufacturing


OptoFidelity Production IQ is a fast and easy-to-use image quality testing system designed for AR waveguide manufacturing environments. It is streamlined to meet predefined metrics and quality standards to ensure throughput and yield for volume manufacturing.  


Consistent Quality Control

Production IQ prioritizes key quality control metrics defined by R&D and ensures they are consistently met throughout each phase of the waveguide manufacturing process. The tool is specifically engineered to perform fast measurements, significantly boosting productivity in high-volume manufacturing.

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Cost-Effective Scalability 

Production IQ is streamlined for scalability and cost efficiency and can be used for both manufacturing and pilot lines. It achieves cost savings with simplified motion control for stable, affordable operation. Integration with automated handlers can further reduce operational costs. Line capacity can be increased by cross-correlating multiple units and adjusting capacity with additional systems to maintain product consistency in full-scale production. 

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Operational Efficiency 

Production IQ can run self-checks, ensuring that the system is always in alignment and ready for measurements. The pass/fail sorting capability prevents low-quality material from going downstream. Additionally, Production IQ is easy to use, with simplified functionalities and predefined settings, reducing training time and increasing efficiency on the production floor. 

Precise and Correlated Metrology

OptoFidelity's cutting-edge metrology can be leveraged for in-depth uniformity, efficiency, contrast, luminance, and color analysis, including an API for customer-specific analysis to enhance decision-making. Also, it is possible to seamlessly correlate R&D requirements into the manufacturing process by combining Production IQ with OptoFidelity's image quality tester for R&D, WG-IQ. 

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