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Haptics Measurement Instrument

evaluate haptic feedback and tactile sensations

Analyze haptic feedback

OptoFidelity haptics measurement instrument is designed to evaluate haptic feedback and tactile sensations. The versatile instrument offers accurate assessments across various applications. Whether analyzing touch display sensors, assessing haptic and tactile buttons, or testing mechanical interfaces, our tool ensures reliable measurements for diverse tactile interactions.

Use cases for Haptics Measurement Instrument

Assessing and refining the tactile feedback of products such as


Automotive Interiors


Smart Devices




Gaming Controllers


Precision Sensors

High-quality sensors capable of accurately detecting and measuring tactile sensations.

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Multi-modal Capability 

Ability to capture and analyze various aspects of touch feedback, including force, frequency, and duration, across different surfaces and materials.

real time data on a computer

Real-time Data Analysis 

Instantaneous processing and interpretation of tactile data to provide immediate insights into touch interactions.

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Integration Compatibility  

Seamless integration with existing hardware and software systems for comprehensive data analysis and visualization.