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OptoFidelity WG-GAT

Waveguide Grating Analysis Tester

OptoFidelity WG-GAT

High-Accuracy Diffractometer for Augmented Reality Waveguide Characterization

Find out if your waveguide is well manufactured or not. No matter if you want to measure a holographic, a surface-relief or a polarization grating, OptoFidelity's WG-GAT reliably finds any imperfection or defect in it.

Using the cutting-edge technology of Littrow retroreflection, WG-GAT finds even the tiniest manufacturing mistakes in your waveguide. And reliably so, with repeatabilities down to the atomic level.

Test your master waveguide for manufacturing quality and ensure that the centerpiece of your waveguide production is free of defects. Or test any of its replicas and ensure your duplication process works precisely as it should. There are no more surprises with WG-GAT in your production line.

Using an ultra-stable laser, an arcsecond-accurate rotation stage, OptoFidelity's years of experience in optical metrology, its highly-developed vision system and the tried-and-tested analyses algorithms, WG-GAT delivers nothing but high-value data.

WG-GAT can also be combined with WG-IQ, where you can link particular shortcomings in image quality in your waveguide back to the defects in its grating structure.

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Quality in grating measurement from the market leader

Benefit from a fully automated and easy-to-use systems

Measure your masters, your replicas, or your new designs 

Tried-and-tested off-the-shelf system

Trustworthy measurement results of Littrow retroreflection

Characterize any grating: holographic, surface-relief, polarization or any other


Watch the video

This video shows OptoFidelity's WG-GAT in action.

Do you wish to learn more? Contact us today and let's enhance your waveguide quality.


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