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OptoFidelity WG-IQ

Fully automated waveguide image quality measurement system

OptoFidelity WG-IQ

Measure your waveguides with a fully automated measurement system

Test the image quality of waveguides with OptoFidelity's WG-IQ. No matter if the waveguide is based on holographic, surface-relief, or polarization grating technology, OptoFidelity's WG-IQ reliably and accurately measures its image quality.

Using an almost perfect replica of the human eye, WG-IQ sees your waveguide precisely how your customers will see it. See the color performance of your waveguide the way your customers will see it with the WG-IQ color measurement upgrade.

OptoFidelity's years of experience in optical metrology, a high-accuracy hexapod, active alignment, and autocollimation, WG-IQ correctly and reliably measures your waveguide. Moreover, with its support for diced samples and up to 300 mm wafers, WG-IQ can be turned from an R&D device into a fast metrology tester for small-volume production.

Use the data WG-IQ produces precisely the way you need to use it. Insert your own custom analysis code directly into the machine software and test your waveguides for metrics the way you define them. Synchronize the measurement data with your other production machines using WG-IQ's well-documented data interface.

WG-IQ can also be combined with WG-GAT, where you can link particular shortcomings in image quality in your waveguide back to the defects in its grating structure.

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Measure color quickly and in a single shot with OptoFidelity's OptoColor

Measure a large field of view (FOV) in a single shot with OptoFidelity's OptoEYE 2

Supports both eye-side and world-side measurements

Supports a large range of pantoscopic tilts and face wraps

Trust the waveguide position even more with our high-accuracy hexapod

Look at your waveguides like a real human would look at it


Watch the video

This video shows OptoFidelity's WG-IQ in action.

Do you wish to learn more? Contact us today and let's enhance your waveguide image quality.


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