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OptoFidelity STYLUS

Stylus touch performance testing featuring tilt, azimuth and force feedback

OptoFidelity's Human-Simulating System for Stylus Testing

Successful stylus testing calls for top-notch technical expertise and high accuracy motion robotics


OptoFidelity STYLUS is based on the accurate OptoStandard robotic platform which fulfills the precision required for stylus testing. The stylus location, angle and applied force have an impact on how the application shows e.g., a line drawn by the user. OptoFidelity STYLUS provides the user with control over the stylus tilt and azimuth angles as well as force applied to the DUT (device under test). The default system setup includes motion control that supports synchronized motions enabling a variety of stylus gestures.

OptoFidelity STYLUS is delivered with a factory-calibrated camera system and motion control accuracy. The motion control accuracy of the delivered test system supports +/-25 μm accuracy, which has been verified with the external 6DOF measurement system.


Fast and Convenient

The deployment of OptoFidelity STYLUS is fast and convenient. The system delivery includes on-site system setup and training, enabling our customers to start testing right away! OptoFidelity's comprehensive support services provide guidance and help for further usage of the system.



System Setup

  • Accurate OptoStandard (XYZ) robotic platform
  • Stylus test actuator supporting controlled azimuth angle, tilt angle and applied force
  • Universal stylus holder for mounting the tested stylus
  • Integrated stylus position calibration tool and force calibration tool
  • Control box
  • Measurement PC with peripherals (display, keyboard, mouse)
  • Touch and Test (TnT) Software Suite
  • Android test application to test and measure a product


High accuracy tool for measuring touch UI quality and usability

Comprehensive test case coverage

Efficient system software guaranteeing reliable test results data 

Comparable results from the chipset level to the final product level

Supports reliability testing with 24/7 test automation

Supports automated touch testing for continuous integration

Test Feautures

OptoFidelity STYLUS touch gestures include tap, drag, swipe and circle with user controlled tilt angle, azimuth angle and contact force.

Touch Accuracy, i.e. the accuracy of the tap gesture position reported by the touch panel compared to the programmed position of the tap.

Touch Jitter, i.e. variation in detected touch screen coordinates while finger is motionless or drawing a straight line.

Touch Linearity, i.e. how accurate the touch panel coordinates are compared to the actual, programmed position of the linear swipe gesture.

Touch Reporting rate, i.e. the frequency of reporting in the touch panel

Touch Resolution, i.e. the smallest increment of position change the touch panel is reporting

Touch Latency, i.e. the level of delay between the tap gesture and receiving the related touch event (touch panel level test).

Touch Sensitivity, i.e. the level of signal received from the touch sensor (touch panel level test).

See STYLUS in Action

This video shows OptoFidelity STYLUS in action. If you're interested to discuss about STYLUS, its modularity and how it can be integrated with any test station follow the link below, send us a message and we'll take it from there!