Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality Performance & Presence

VR, AR and MR (virtual, augmented and mixed or merged reality) applications are emerging with world leading smart device companies carrying the torch. This just might be the next big game changer since the touch screen.

VR, AR and MR performance is about achieving presence. Ultimate presence means that the user is immersed into the virtual reality, and is genuinely enjoying the experience. Poor performance affects the viewing experience, and can even cause motion sickness and nausea. It is very hard to achieve presence if system latencies are poor, and failing to achieve any one single factor is enough to ruin the whole experience.

HMD Performance Testing with OptoFidelity™ BUDDY

OptoFidelity™ BUDDY is the first of the future line of virtual, augmented or mixed reality performance solutions provided by OptoFidelity. With this solution, you can objectively and repeatedly analyze different performance indicators such as motion-to-photon, pixel persistence and refresh rate on any HMD (Head Mounted Device). You can even measure audio to video synchronization and so called motion-to-audio-latency for spatial audio.

OptoFidelity™ BUDDY provides futureproof results based on characterized measurement technology. With its novel synchronization technology, consistent measurements are possible from both present and future display technologies. We continuously build support for new technologies, like OLED, projector-based, holographic and light field displays.

Video of OptoFidelity™ BUDDY-1 – Performance tester with one degree of freedom.

NEW! OptoFidelity™ BUDDY-3

OptoFidelity™ BUDDY-3 is a comprehensive solution for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR) Head Mounted Display (HMD) performance testing and calibration in both R&D and in Manufacturing lines.

With its integrated vision module and 3 degrees of freedom, you are able to ensure the best HMD performance including Motion to Photon (M2P) jerkiness and pose drifting between real world and virtual world.

The system is based on non-intrusive measurement comparing the changes in the virtual world pose to the robotics pose. Measurement performance comes from OptoFidelity’s proprietary vision module and robotics platform, which enables unbeatable repeatability, time-synchronization, and position based triggering.

DATASHEET: OptoFidelity™ BUDDY-3

Video of OptoFidelity™ BUDDY-3 – Performance tester with three degrees of freedom.

Supported VR devices, OS platforms and Test App environment

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