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Design Validation | Production Testing | Refurbishment

Touch, force, active stylus, virtual reality, display quality or user interface performance – you name it. In every case we are introduced with a complex testing challenge that needs to be solved. If none of our standard test solution platforms are suitable we design and develop a fully customized turn-key test system.

What is your testing mission? We’d love to hear it!

Latest News
  • Highest Creditworthess for OptoFidelity

    OptoFidelity has been assigned the highest credit rating, AAA, in system rating performed by Bisnode Finland. Only limited liability companies can hold the AAA (triple A) rating.

  • Embedded Conference Finland - OptoFidelity on stage

    Electronics magazine of Finland will organise the 1st ever Embedded Conference Finland in May 3, 2017.

  • Our newest video of streaming drive test

    Our video playback performance measurement solution OptoFidelity™ Video Multimeter is a true chameleon – the system is not suitable only for basic video quality testing or laboratory environment, but also for video call and drive testing.

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