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Webinar: Introducing Production IQ


Webinar: Introducing Production IQ

Learn how to Achieve Consistent Quality Control for Waveguide Manufacturing

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Grating Uniformity and Pitch Accuracy Validation of DTL-Based Gratings

Our latest test report, conducted in collaboration with Eulitha.


OptoFidelity Production IQ

OptoFidelity's latest innovation in AR waveguide volume manufacturing image quality testing Learn more

Explaining the importance

of correlation between R&D and manufacturing of XR waveguides


Precise, Traceable & Scalable Optical Metrology

OptoFidelity provides advanced metrology systems for AR/VR/MR. We empower our customers to bring new groundbreaking smart devices faster to the market and pave the way for AR technologies to become a part of our everyday lives.


Use Cases

How do companies using OptoFidelity’s products accelerate their R&D and ensure consistent manufacturing quality? Learn more by exploring our use cases.


Determine Waveguide Image Quality with Production IQ and WG-IQ

Save time and resources on your AR device manufacturing and R&D by automating image quality testing.



Measure Waveguide Grating Quality with WG-GAT

Discover the production issues affecting waveguide quality in AR devices with high-precision measurements of your waveguides.



Test and Calibrate Head Mounted Devices with BUDDY

Reduce motion sickness in your HMDs with BUDDY’s help. BUDDY is a consistent performance testing and calibration measurement system for AR/VR/MR glasses.



Customer References

OptoFidelity collaborates with global technology giants to drive the rapid market entry of technologies.


Trusted by Leading Innovators

We are proud to work with companies leading the development of better smart devices. 

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About Us

OptoFidelity is at the forefront of metrology innovation, testing the newest smart devices and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Thanks to our advanced metrology systems, we empower our customers to bring new groundbreaking products faster to the market.


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We make optical metrology systems that world leaders use to innovate and bring to market smart devices. Join us and help enable a smarter future.


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Get in touch to learn more about our test systems. We're happy to answer any inquiries.