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Measuring Smart Future

We guide our customers towards fully automated testing

Why choose OptoFidelity?

OptoFidelity is an agile, globally operating measurement automation partner with wide range of expertise in smart device testing.

Whether you need a compact, plug-and-play functional tester or a customized testing solution, our troops are happy to be of help.

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Automated, off-the-shelf OptoFidelity testing systems include:

OptoFidelity TOUCH and STYLUS product families for touch device UI performance, functional and Stylus testing.

OptoFidelity BUDDY and HMD IQ product families for head mounted and near eye display testing. Fully automated sample handling platform FLOW can be used together with HMD IQ or any other, customized test measurement station.

Optofidelity FUSION and SCORE for re-used smartphones functional testing and grading.

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OF_smartphone layers

Our products

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Want to work with us?

OptoFidelity is a technology chameleon. We are a software house but not in a traditional sense.

We do coding and robots, and beyond, like high level measurement technologies, machine vision and imaging. That’s what makes us unique.

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