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Touch, force, active stylus, virtual reality, display quality or user interface performance – you name it. In every case we are introduced with a complex testing challenge that needs to be solved. If none of our standard test solution platforms are suitable we design and develop a fully customized turn-key test system.

What is your testing mission? We’d love to hear it!

Latest News
  • OLED Technology Shall Illuminate Your Future

    I was invited as a speaker to the OLED (organic light emitting diode) technologies summit in Berlin, November 23-24.

  • New product demo videos

    We love to show what our robots and test systems can do and the best way to demonstrate that online are – product demo videos of course. For the Productronica 2017 we created new demovideos of the two products we have developed significantly. The first video is about OptoFidelityTM GoldenEye -  our automated display inspection system helps you to detect display impurities and quality problems of high quality displays.

  • OptoFidelity at Productronica 2017 14.-17.11.2017, Munich

    Are you interested in display inspection, or adapterless smart phone functional testing? Come to meet us in Productronica, Munich to see the latest in smart device testing.

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