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OptoFidelity Articles

2 min read

The Significance of Objectivity and Repeatability in Smartphone Testing and grading

By Kari Järviö on 19 September 2023

In an age where technology advances at a rapid pace, smartphones have become indispensable tools that connect us to the world, facilitate communication, and streamline our daily tasks. As a result, the demand for pre-owned smartphones has surged, offering cost-effective alternatives for consumers and companies. However, when buying a pre-owned smartphone, one must exercise caution, and this is where the importance of objectivity and repeatability in testing and cosmetic grading becomes paramount. 

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3 min read

OptoFidelity’s Manufacturing Powerhouse in Zhuhai delivers high-quality products with efficiency and scalability

By Pekka Laiho on 10 August 2023

OptoFidelity opened a state-of-the-art factory in Zhuhai, China in 2019. Having a strong, in-house manufacturing capability was a strategic decision for succeeding in a dynamic global market for high-tech consumer electronics. Despite prevailing geopolitical challenges, China remains a prominent hub for manufacturing consumer electronics. This has enabled our Zhuhai facility to serve both regional and global markets. With a focus on designing and producing optical instruments, testing tools, metrology, and calibration fixtures for consumer electronics, we also offer customized solutions that align with the industry's demands.

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3 min read

Achieving Precise Optical Alignment for the Metrology System WG-IQ

By Thomas Kerst on 22 June 2023

In the world of metrology, achieving precise optical alignment is critical for accurate measurements and ensuring the reliability of the system. The WG-IQ metrology system is no exception, and it presents a unique challenge when it comes to aligning its camera, which is mounted on a 180° rotation stage. In this blog post, we will explore the innovative use of two autocollimators that enable the formation of a stable optical axis, making the optical alignment of the WG-IQ metrology system possible and efficient.

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3 min read

OptoFidelity SCOUT: Introducing a Versatile Image Quality Tester for Various Form Factor HMDs

By Juha Lehtioksa on 23 May 2023

The Quest for Enhanced Visual Experiences:

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3 min read

BUDDY Test Case: Angular Jitter “Slight irregular movement”

By Juha Lehtioksa on 14 April 2023

This blog starts a series of test case descriptions that give insights into tested phenomena and what really is behind the resulting performance value. I will start with the measurement of Angular Jitter.

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