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OptoFidelity Articles

6 min read

OptoFidelity FUSION Q4/2022 SW release

By Juha Lehtioksa on 20 February 2023

OptoFidelity FUSION, the All-in-one functional tester for refurbished smartphones, received its Q4/2022 SW release in December. 

The new release includes:  

  • GPS test
  • LiDAR camera test for iPhones
  • Capability to export image and sound data from tests to the customer's external server for postprocessing and/or archiving
  • Multiple improvements in compatibility, test sequence optimization, and safety features

Since OptoFidelity launched the FUSION robot for functional testing of smartphones we have constantly been developing it to meet the needs of our customers. Over the years FUSION has been used to test millions of smartphones with excellent repeatability.

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3 min read

BUDDY – The Forerunner of Temporal Characteristics Measurement for AR/VR Headsets

By Juha Lehtioksa on 15 February 2023

You may have seen our BUDDY robot at the exhibitions and in our marketing content. But what is the story behind the robot? Read about our development and what drives us further to enable a smarter future.

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3 min read

How to Use Additional Content in a VR Reference Environment During Temporal Measurements

By Juha Lehtioksa on 01 February 2023

When testing the Motion-to-photon (MTP) latency of a Head-mounted display (HMD), variables like CPU/GPU load and network bandwidth can affect the result. Therefore, it is quite common that users would like to utilize certain visual content with the HMD during the test, to better match the actual conditions where the device is being used. But there is a fundamental challenge with additional content as the image on the screen is the exact source for the virtual world viewer orientation and location information. And to be able to get that information from an image, certain reference content needs to be viewed.  

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1 min read

Enabling Metaverse Quality Article in Consumer Electronics Magazine

By OptoFidelity on 13 December 2022

OptoFidelity´s automated test systems measure the optical and tracking performance of metaverse headsets and enable products to deliver a premium user experience.

Learn more about OptoFidelity´s testing solutions in the Enabling Metaverse Quality article from Dr. Nikhil Pachhandara, Chief Innovation, and Growth Officer

Metaverse is the 3D extension of the internet into the virtual world. This world is accessed through AR/VR/MR/XR glasses. HMDs and NEDs play a crucial role in accessing the metaverse. The core of the user experience in the metaverse is dependent on the quality of the headsets. 

OptoFidelity is the global leader in designing and manufacturing automated test systems for measuring the optical and tracking performance of AR and VR systems. OptoFidelity BUDDY and OptoFidelity HMD IQ provide accurate and repeatable measurements of various critical image and optical qualities of headsets´ display characteristics, tracking performance, and component verification.

With OptoFidelity BUDDY, a temporal performance testing and calibration system for head-mounted displays is provided. Test cases available for measuring temporal performance include: display temporal characteristics (pixel persistence and refresh rate), motion-to-photon latencies (motion-to-photon latency with or without motion prediction, initial latency), motion tracking accuracy (spatial jitter, drifting, prediction overshoot and undershoot, tracking repeatability) and AR world-locking performance (hologram-locking accuracy to real-world features, hologram stability, and simultaneous localization and mapping verification). 

OptoFidelity HMD IQ is a measurement system for validating the image quality of head-mounted displays and various near-eye displays and their optical modules over the entire FOV and eye-box. It is designed for both product development and mass-production testing and calibration. 

Read more from Enabling Metaverse Quality article in the Consumer Electronics Magazine.

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1 min read

The Human Touch Article in Consumer Electronics Magazine

By OptoFidelity on 12 December 2022

To ensure a seamless user experience and to protect their bottom line, manufacturers should implement automated human-like testing of touchscreen user interfaces at every phase of a product’s development cycle, says Dr. Nikhil Pachhandara, Chief Innovation and Growth Officer at OptoFidelity.

Read more about the topic from the Human Touch article in the Consumer Electronics magazine.

OptoFidelity’s touch testing systems TOUCH and STYLUS offer a human-simulating approach, bringing a new level of quality and efficiency to the evaluation of touch UI. OptoFidelity TOUCH provides fast and accurate performance testing for chipsets, touch panels, and final products, adding value to the entire testing process. OptoFidelity STYLUS offers automated testing for stylus products using high-accuracy motion robotics. 

The automated test systems from OptoFidelity bring many advantages over manual testing, like repeatability and precision, and higher efficiency.

Read the Human Touch article to learn why manufacturers should consider implementing touch UI testing processes at each stage of a product’s development cycle. 

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