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1 min read
OptoFidelity opens new manufacturing center in Zhuhai, China
OptoFidelity opens a new manufacturing center in China. Located in Zhuhai, the center provides...
1 min read
OptoFidelity at 2020 China High-Tech Fair (CHTF) and C-TOUCH & DISPLAY

We're excited to share the news that OptoFidelity will be presenting and showcasing AR/VR testing...

2 min read
Press release: Lasse Lepistö appointed as the CEO of OptoFidelity – company aims to continue on a strong growth path

Finland-based OptoFidelity continues on a strong growth path and will achieve at least 50 percent...




1 min read
Car infotainment system test automation

OptoFidelity Automotive Test Suite simulates human interaction inside a vehicle. The testing...

2 min read
OptoFidelity Product Performance Excellence - Resolve performance risks before they appear

We ensure the reliability, responsiveness and consistent performance of your product, all vital for...

3 min read
Experiences with supporting the employee's master’s thesis

Growing into a professional in the field of technology means striving with studies and engaging...



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