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5 min read
OptoFidelity's AR Testing is Now Traceable to VTT MIKES Proving up to 50 Times More Accurate than Conventional Methods
  • The product under validation was OptoFidelity's WG-GAT, a Littrow Diffractometer for measuring AR...
1 min read
OptoFidelity’s BUDDY Test System to Improve Xreal’s AR glass development

AWE USA 2023, SAN JOSE, CA – June 1, 2023. OptoFidelity announced that it has signed an agreement...

1 min read
OptoFidelity exhibiting at Display Week 2023

OptoFidelity will be exhibiting at Display Week 2023 on 21st May - 26th May 2023 at the Los Angeles...




2 min read
The Significance of Objectivity and Repeatability in Smartphone Testing and grading

In an age where technology advances at a rapid pace, smartphones have become indispensable tools...

3 min read
OptoFidelity’s Manufacturing Powerhouse in Zhuhai delivers high-quality products with efficiency and scalability

OptoFidelity opened a state-of-the-art factory in Zhuhai, China in 2019. Having a strong, in-house...

3 min read
Achieving Precise Optical Alignment for the Metrology System WG-IQ

In the world of metrology, achieving precise optical alignment is critical for accurate...



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