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您是否正在寻找与世界上所有领先的移动设备公司(例如Google)一起工作的有趣,国际化和挑战性的工作? 你喜欢技术吗? 我们正在寻找专业人士。 因为我们热爱技术。在这里阅读我们的需求,或立即查看所有开放的职位

欧拓飞是技术变色龙。 我们是一家软件公司,但不是传统意义上的公司。 我们进行编码和机器人,以及其他类似高级测量技术,机器视觉和成像的机器人。 这就是使我们与众不同的原因。

我们勇往直前,开拓无人之境。 对您来说,这意味着您有机会自由地进行设计和测量,并可以使用最新的小玩意。 我们提供具有挑战性的广泛项目,需要从软件编码到信号处理的专业工程知识。

我们提供真正的国际氛围和客户,让您有机会前往新地方并面对新形势。 我们与大型公司合作,而我们公司规模适中,并且灵活。 这使每个人都能对我们的处事方式产生影响。

我们经常问,MacGyver会怎么做。 这意味着要推动自己解决没有最终解决方案的问题,并以新的方式集成事物以创建卓越的设备。 而且我们的团队成员始终相互支持,离开舒适区。

这就是我们优化人员以使其达到最佳水平的方式。 立即申请并加入我们创新,国际化和轻松的氛围。










Ossi Teikari, 软件工程师

“I think the best part of my job in OptoFidelity is being able to interact with the physical world through software and robots are great tools for this work.”

My work includes mostly programming, performing measurements, as well as debugging robot hardware and software problems. It’s very rewarding to see something you’ve built yourself work in real hardware, do the task it was designed to do, and finally be shipped to the customer. At OptoFidelity I have gathered a lot of technical experience regarding touch screen devices, industrial robots, measurement technologies, and so on. But along with all that I think I have also got to learn some valuable things about international business, projects, and communication.


Joni Piililä, 高级技术经理

“I enjoy the open and friendly atmosphere in OptoFidelity where everyone knows each other and opinions are valued.”

I am designing test solutions and working with customers to help them with their challenges. One of the most interesting part of my job is to get a new customer case described in a situation in which the customer would like to get an automated solution. Working among talented and inspiring colleagues with whom I can learn every day is one of the best things about my job. In addition, we get to work with robots and build fantastic solutions using them.