Touch Panel Testing with 6-axis Robot

The high-performance 6-axis robot is one of the newest robot types to support our Touch&Test platform (TnT) and Touch Panel Performance Test System. More versatile robot selection enables to meet the new requirements and wider screen and device variations for touch testing. 6-axis robot is suited touch panel or touch device testing for all major […]

Touch Panel Performance Testing with 6-axis robot on Tekniikka -Trade Show

OptoFidelity will introduce 6-axis robot on Tekniikka Trade Show at Jyväskylä from Sebtember 3rd to Sebtember 5th. Robot demo system is located on Beijer Stand B104. At the demo, OptoFidelity Touch Panel Performance Test System is integrated  to 6-axis robot.  The demonstrated features with the robot are swipe with two different finger types, automatic finger […]

OptoFidelity participates Measurement & Technology Days

      OptoFidelity will be participating in  Mittaus & Tekniikka (Measurement & Technology) Days 27.-28.8.2014 at AEL premises Helsinki. OptoFidelity stand A3¨is located at Room A. The exhibit collects together companies and experts in the fields of automation, electrics, and ICT related measurement and testing services. More than 1 000 visitors are expected to visit exhibition this year. OptoFidelity […]

Improve the video playback performance with OptoFidelity Video Multimeter

Online video viewing is growing fast due to the development of high-speed wireless connections and the emerge of available video services. Second screen application performance, latency and jerkiness in fast sports videos, or mobile phones and cameras video processing time before showing the preview on the viewfinder screen are just few of the challenges that […]

We are looking for a skilled software designer

Are you a software designer who takes him or herself seriously? Come and join OptoFidelity in creating solutions for the best product designers and technology leaders in the world! We are looking to add more software design expertise to our multidisciplinary team, which creates solutions in the fields of robotics, testing automation, machine vision, signal processing, […]