Buy the WatchDog User Interface Performance Test System and get two options half price

When you buy the new improved WatchDog User Interface Performance Test System before the end of the year 2014, you can get the SPA Scroll Performance Analyzer and Drawing Latency, “Pen-to-Ink” options for half price with the basic system. This offer applies to only new offer requests received after September 22nd, and is valid until […]

OptoFidelity introduced the first Automated Test System for Microsoft Touch HCK

OptoFidelity has introduced an automated Windows HCK Test System in order to streamline the self-test submission model for the Windows 8.1 touch device and precision touchpad (PTP) certification program introduced earlier in 2014. Windows Hardware Partners can now conduct touch devices and precision touchpads certification testing using the automated system from OptoFidelity instead of solely […]

UI Latency and response measurements of three popular tablets

In this case study and comparison report our curious engineers examined three popular tablet devices. The case study consisted of different UI reaction and response test cases. The devices tested were the Kindle Fire HDX (Amazon’s e-book reader), the iPad Mini Retina and the Dell Venue 8 Pro. “All devices operate smoothly, but the Kindle […]

Video playback performance comparison of six popular smartphones

The OptoFidelity test team loves to measure and compare mobile devices to concretize how certain performance features effect to the end-user experience. This time we measured the video playback performance of six popular smartphones. The new brand Oneplus One was also included. The other phones tested were the iPhone 5S and 5C, the LG G3, […]

Touch Panel Testing with 6-axis Robot

The high-performance 6-axis robot is one of the newest robot types to support our Touch&Test platform (TnT) and Touch Panel Performance Test System. More versatile robot selection enables to meet the new requirements and wider screen and device variations for touch testing. 6-axis robot is suited touch panel or touch device testing for all major […]