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OptoFidelity Blog

Kimmo Jokinen

Chief Technology Officer

Recent Posts

3 min read

OLED Technology Shall Illuminate Your Future

By Kimmo Jokinen on 13 December 2017

I was invited as a speaker to the OLED (organic light emitting diode) technologies summit in Berlin, November 23-24. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to attend this type of venue, with top scientists discussing the very niche area of OLED technology. What I heard and discussed there was truly eye-opening.

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2 min read

Exploring VR Performance Measurement

By Kimmo Jokinen on 15 June 2017

I had the opportunity to be an invited speaker at the SID Display Week symposium in Los Angeles. Display Week is one of the largest venues of the display industry, gathering more than 400 speakers/authors and 6,000+ professional visitors together for a whole week.

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3 min read


By Kimmo Jokinen on 05 December 2016

After I have been chewing over the SLUSH experience for couple of days, I can align that the leading start-up event in Europe was an overall positive experience for a first-timer. The event is not only about matchmaking for start-ups and financiers, but it has become “the event” for high tech companies in particular, where you can find first-rate presentations, discussion and networking opportunities all in one. Maybe it’s because the event is intended for start-ups, but the entire SLUSH population is open and ready to listen to what others have to offer. Everyone is a potential partner for your business, one way or another. This open willingness to communicate makes the event stand out among ordinary trade fairs.

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