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OptoFidelity Blog

Murat Deveci

Murat Deveci works as a Senior Technical Account Manager and is focused on OptoFidelity's business development activities in the AR/MR/VR and display metrology markets. He is an experienced business, technical sales and marketing professional. He has a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering from Tampere University of Technology.
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Recent Posts

5 min read

Image Quality Testing for AR-HUD Performance

By Murat Deveci on 29 September 2021

An automotive head-up display system, or HUD, aims to improve passenger safety by projecting information such as navigation, warnings, and points of interest, to the driver’s visual field, ideally in real-time. The intention is to keep the driver’s focus on the road by reducing the eyes-off-the-road time and increasing situational awareness. Conventional HUDs produce a 2D image with a fixed, or static, projection. However, Augmented Reality (AR) HUDs produce a 3D image that adds depth and curvature to conventional HUD imagery and features a variable, or dynamic, projection.

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7 min read

Measuring Head-Mounted Display’s (HMD) Motion-To-Photon (MTP) Latency

By Murat Deveci on 20 May 2021

End consumer experience with new technologies and products is paramount for their successful adoption. Head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as SonyPicoDPVRHTC Facebook's Oculus, and others promise an immersive experience in augmented and virtual reality. For delivery of the promised experience, many factors are critical including motion-to-photon (MTP) latency. Poor performance of motion-to-photon latency leads to spatial disorientation, motion sickness and dizziness. In this post, we explore the importance of motion-to-photon latency, how to measure it and optimize HMD performance.

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7 min read

How to evaluate the performance and functionality of touch screens?

By Murat Deveci on 27 January 2021

Touch screens

Touch screens are devices that recognize the presence of contacts and generate responses. The presence can be delivered via touch gestures or stylus. The response can be various such as haptic, visual, audio, etc. Hence, touch screens are input/output devices.

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