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OptoFidelity Articles

Thomas Kerst

Dr. Thomas Kerst is a Product Manager at OptoFidelity. He oversees all products that measure the quality of waveguides used in AR/VR. Thomas and his team continually push optical metrology standards by enabling accurate and repeatable grating period characterization, single-shot uniformity calibrations and eye-side MTF measurements. Thomas earned his Ph.D. in physics in 2019 for the development of an optical method to detect alpha radiation from a safe distance. After his Ph.D., he moved on to industry. He uses what he learned in academia and combines optical design, mechanical and software engineering to deliver consistent quality to OptoFidelity's customers.

Recent Posts

3 min read

Achieving Precise Optical Alignment for the Metrology System WG-IQ

By Thomas Kerst on 22 June 2023

In the world of metrology, achieving precise optical alignment is critical for accurate measurements and ensuring the reliability of the system. The WG-IQ metrology system is no exception, and it presents a unique challenge when it comes to aligning its camera, which is mounted on a 180° rotation stage. In this blog post, we will explore the innovative use of two autocollimators that enable the formation of a stable optical axis, making the optical alignment of the WG-IQ metrology system possible and efficient.

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3 min read

Illuminating AR: Why Littrow Diffractometers Excel in Evaluating Diffractive Gratings for Augmented Reality Devices

By Thomas Kerst on 05 April 2023

In the rapidly expanding field of augmented reality (AR), the precise measurement of diffractive gratings used in AR devices is crucial for optimizing their performance and user experience. Therefore, the choice of measurement technique can significantly impact the accuracy and efficiency of the process. While Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) have been a popular choice, Littrow diffractometers are emerging as the superior alternative for evaluating AR diffractive gratings. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why Littrow diffractometers should be your go-to choice for assessing the performance of diffractive gratings in AR devices.

Topics: waveguide WG-GAT
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