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OptoFidelity Blog

5 min read

Measuring Human Touch

By Jere Paloniemi on 12/14/19 10:26 PM

We at OptoFidelity are enthusiastic about the accuracy of our test and measurement systems. In order to pursue the highest possible accuracy and repeatability, we have integrated several technologies into the TOUCH test system, such as purpose-built mechanics, linear motors, multi-axis synchronized motion, machine vision based positioning, robot calibration methods, and camera calibrations.

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2 min read

Smart Device Testing

By Jere Paloniemi on 12/14/19 5:27 PM

Smart devices are electronic devices which integrate various sensors and actuators which enable product features. Smart devices are generally connected to other devices or networks and can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously. Development of a smart device starts from component and technology selection and continues with product R&D, manufacturing and after sales. End user experience is the key differentiator for any smart device product. It is built from well performing components and skillfully integrated product hardware and software.

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2 min read

Photonics in test solutions – Photonics company of the year

By OptoFidelity on 6/26/18 4:12 PM

OptoFidelity was nominated by Photonics Finland as the Photonics Company of The Year. We are very pleased and proud of this nomination. We took the opportunity seriously and had a little celebration at our office the other day. While having a glass of sparkling wine with our team, we also discussed some recent experiences with photonics and its relation to testing. We have been investing in the photonics industry for years. And a few truly interesting cases were brought up by the team. ”How do testing and photonics, and specifically test robotics and photonics, fit together?” you might ask.  

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3 min read

Force Sensing Testing as a Demo

By Tommi Niemi on 10/12/16 12:51 PM

The ongoing evolution of smart devices means endless, and sometimes also sleepless, R&D hours for our test automation developers. We have to have a good radar to sense what will be the new trends and features on phones or any multimedia device – and we have to head our expertise and solutions to meet the expectations. Most preferably we have to do that before customer can define what this means from testing aspect.

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