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OptoFidelity Articles

Kari Järviö

Kari Järviö is a Head of Business Unit at OptoFidelity of technologies for Circular Economy Solutions for used, refurbished, and renewed smartphones, Kari has a long experience in sales, marketing, industrial IT solutions, and product development with a passion to make customers' business thrive. He has studied marketing and strategic business development at Institute of Marketing and graduated in MKT and Datanome in Business Information Technology from TAKK.
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Recent Posts

2 min read

The Significance of Objectivity and Repeatability in Smartphone Testing and grading

By Kari Järviö on 19 September 2023

In an age where technology advances at a rapid pace, smartphones have become indispensable tools that connect us to the world, facilitate communication, and streamline our daily tasks. As a result, the demand for pre-owned smartphones has surged, offering cost-effective alternatives for consumers and companies. However, when buying a pre-owned smartphone, one must exercise caution, and this is where the importance of objectivity and repeatability in testing and cosmetic grading becomes paramount. 

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5 min read

Machine vision-based cosmetic defect detection enhanced with AI - Make or break your used smartphones business case

By Kari Järviö on 03 April 2023

State-of-the-art cosmetic defect detection with AI is a key enabler for making profitable business in the refurbishment of smartphones. It is accurate, relentless, and objective and it beats humans in repeatability. 

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