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OptoFidelity at Display Week 2024

San Jose, May 12 - 17


Setting AR Optical Metrology Standards

Join us at Display Week 2024 as we set the standards for optical metrology testing! Visit our booth #1320 to explore our unique AR metrology systems that redefine the way you measure your waveguides and end products. Our test systems cover the entire process, ensuring the highest levels of quality and precision.


OptoFidelity Presentation at Display Week 2024


Dr. Thomas Kerst, Chief Metrology Officer

Sunday, May 12, 6:00 - 7:00 pm: SID/ICDM 2024 Display Metrology Short Course: NED Metrology Basics


Murat Deveci, Director, Global Sales and Business Development

Thursday, May 16, 12:20 pm: Exhibitors Forum