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Consistent Tracking and Latency Performance Testing for AR/VR/MR Glasses with OptoFidelity BUDDY


BUDDY is an end-to-end performance testing system for AR/VR/MR glasses tracking and latency. It enables the testing of components and assemblies that affect tracking and temporal characteristics. In the webinar, BUDDY's product owner, Tommi Björk, and SW Lead Jouni Mäkitalo will introduce BUDDY’s key features, benefits, and future development plans.

What you will learn about BUDDY:

  • Key features and benefits, as well as a product demo
  • Measurement cases including: Motion-to-Photon Latency (Angular); Stationary and Movement-Induced Angular Jitter; 6DOF Repeatability; See-Through Latency (Photon-to-Photon); Linear Motion to Photon
  • Future development plan.

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