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poLight- Collaboration to further strengthen testing capability and capacity of poLight's TLens®

Collaboration between OptoFidelity and poLight to further strengthen the testing capability and capacity of poLight's TLens®

TLens®, a unique tunable photographic lens, has been introduced to the market for various user groups and applications. TLens “replicates” the lens of the human eye, enables new user experiences, and eases the implementation of autofocus functions for various applications.


“poLight’s TLens is a tunable optical lens that enables the focus function in optical devices used in various products where quality and reliability are key,” says Dr. Øyvind Isaksen, CEO at poLight ASA. In order to further strengthen our capability to secure the above, poLight has partnered up with OptoFidelity to meet the future demand in this important area.”

The demand for high quality combined with high production volumes requires multi-talented technical experience, and this puts OptoFidelity ahead of most other similar service providers. Collaborating with poLight ASA in manufacturing the TLens®, OptoFidelity provides best-in-class automated test systems. This kind of partnership requires international service coverage and OptoFidelity can match this need with its global presence.

We at OptoFidelity have a long history of providing highly accurate optical test systems from R&D to mass production. We develop the best-performing automation products and measurement technologies for our customers, enabling their innovations for a smarter future. This new cooperation with poLight is an exciting opportunity for us in camera testing and measurement. Our world-class competence combined with a local and global reach allows poLight to further strengthen its capability in securing quality and reliability,” says Lasse Lepistö, CEO at OptoFidelity Oy.


About poLight ASA

poLight offers a new autofocus lens which "replicates" the human eye for use in devices such as smartphones, wearables, barcode, machine vision systems and various medical equipment. poLight's TLens® enables better system performance and new user experiences due to benefits such as extremely fast focus, a small footprint, no magnetic interference, low power consumption and constant field of view. poLight is based in Horten, Norway, with offices in Finland, France and China and representation in Taiwan and Korea. For more information, please visit

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