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We don’t define ourselves by our output, but by the challenges we solve

Have a look at the variety of project and test system deliveries we have done over the years. Contact us with your mission and we’ll accomplish it.

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OptoFidelity TOUCH 2

Mission: A remote test lab for home appliances

Customer: Samsung

OptoFidelity provided a robot assisted remote test lab for testing home appliances to Samsung Research. Accroding to Samsung, OptoFidelity’s test systems were selected due to their proven product accuracy as well as company's good reputation among other smart device manufacturers.  

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OptoFidelity TOUCH 2
UI performance measurement

Mission: UI performance measurement for Android & Chrome OS devices

Customer: Google

“The Chrome OS team uses OptoFidelity solutions to measure end-to-end latency of Android and Chrome OS devices.”

Status: Accomplished

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Mission: Solution for replicating and testing human handwriting

Customer: Atmel Corporation

Human handwriting, either with a finger or stylus on a touchscreen, is extremely challenging. Using a stylus on a touchscreen is challenging because the machine has to replicate what a human would do with a pen and paper. There are multiple challenges for the replication: variation of speed may be significant, and the style of handwriting varies a lot. There were no solutions available for replicating and testing handwriting. Our work was to develope a novel testing solution with state-of-the-art robotics and measurement technologies in cooperation with Atmel to overcome these challenges.

Status: Accomplished

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Mission: Semi-automated quality control in chip production

Customer: Vaisala

There was no ready-made solution available in the market that would be suitable for the quality control of the manufacturing process of humidity sensors at Vaisala. Thanks to OptoFidelity’s engineering expertise and ready-made platforms, Vaisala could design a robot-controlled and semi-automatic test platform. The platform was used to improve the operator ergonomics and efficiency, enabling for a first time a completely reliable quality reporting and quality control.

Status: Accomplished

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Mission: Test system for capacitive buttons for touch screens and mechanical buttons

Customer: Schurter

Our client Schurter tests capacitive buttons for touch screens and force tests mechanical buttons. They needed an automated and adaptive system in which limited volumes can be tested fast and easily. A key requirement for the system was also easy customisability and configurability for new products, and especially new test cases that can be made by themselves.

The right combination for Schurter was the OptoFidelity Human Simulator User Interface Functional Test System with sensor-based OptoFidelity Gold Finger for force and haptic feedback testing. With OptoFidelity Touch & Test Software, reconfiguration and new test sequences are easy to make. The OptoFidelity system is used to increase Schurter production testing capacity, reliability and quality of testing.

Status: Accomplished

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Mission: HMD performance testing for PICO

Customer: PICO
PICO uses OptoFidelity BUDDY to test, fine tune and solve tracking and end-to-end latency related measurement challenges without long setup times.

Status: Accomplished

IMSE tester

Mission: Automated production test system for printed electronics

Customer: TactoTek

OptoFidelity developed automated printed electronics test systems for IMSE manufacturing. The collaboration project combined OptoFidelity's knowledge of smart device test automation and TactoTek's expertise in thermoformed printed and flexible electronics.

OptoFidelity’s test systems are now globally available for all TactoTek IMSE partners.

Status: Accomplished 

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IMSE tester