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Streamlining AR Metrology in R&D and Volume Manufacturing

White Papers

This white paper discusses the role of metrology within Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technology production. As the AR/MR market expands, robust metrology systems are important for upscaling production volume and maintaining quality control, notably for components like nano-scale gratings and waveguides that are central to smart devices. 

This paper will explain how:  

  • AR metrology is not just essential for the quality control of AR/MR products but is a crucial addition throughout the entire R&D and manufacturing process.
  • Through incremental efficiencies afforded using off-the-shelf testing systems, the manufacturing process can be sped up – also speeding up the entire innovation cycle.
  • As industry standards in AR metrology aren’t set by outside regulators, we are shaping the direction of the field while setting a high bar for best practices.
  • Automation in these practices can support volume manufacturing.